Skinny Cow Essay

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The product being advertised is Skinny Cow delights. Skinny Cow advertises ice cream snacks and candy treats. The ice cream that they advertise comes in all sorts of assortments; ice cream bars, cones, cups, and sandwiches. The candy advertised is their dreamy clusters and heavenly crisp candies. The ice cream is sold in the dessert frozen section where as the dreamy clusters can now be found in the candy aisle. These products are alleged to help you in ways that you can eat all of it and not feel guilty. ‘Skinny’ the cow claims that even the new Dreamy Clusters are covered with rich chocolate and clusters of creamy caramel are only 120 calories. These skinny delights are alleged to help you eat a ‘light low fat calorie snack.’ At 120 calories, Skinny cow claims that you can treat yourself to all of it and not feel in the wrong or fat. These treats and delights are low in calories so that people feel that they can eat it and that they made a healthier choice than something else. This product is of importance because it is low in calorie and it makes people feel as if they are making a healthier choice, especially since it is known as “Skinny Cow.” It is an importance to people trying to have a lighter snack, especially with it only being 120 calories. The product is important to people who want a delicious treat without it being so many calories, so that they can indulge in something scrumptious. The technique that the advertiser is using to hook you on the product is the main factor that the Skinny Cow delights are merely and simply only 120 calories. It is the fact that if you are overweight you can buy this and have a healthy snack, or that you can just be healthy by eating these low calorie delights. The method used is that if you buy this product you will not be fat or overweight since the calories are so low. It is suppose to be about how the treat will

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