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Comp II Assignment 3- Evaluation Whitey’s pumpkin flavored ice cream is probably the best tasting ice cream in the Quad Cities Area (QCA). Though several ice cream shops have sprung up in the QCA, Whitey’s not only evokes a feeling of the fall season but, a sense of community as well, especially the pumpkin flavored ice cream. Perhaps I’m setting myself up for a sold out visit to Whitey’s in search of my pumpkin flavored scoop atop a homemade waffle cone but, this ice cream is so good it deserves an Oscar. I understand this topic may seem a bit strange but as I sit down to write this paper, my husband rescues me with a bowl of pumpkin ice cream from Whitey’s. As the turquoise and yellow striped bowl is coming my way, I can’t…show more content…
Yes, emotion in the ice cream, because it evokes a sense of season and closeness with the community. For example, my husband and I along with our dog Cody will take a nice fall stroll to the half mile Whitey’s destination in lieu of our pumpkin treat. As we shuffle through the fallen leaves like kids on their way to school, we stop to say hi to our friends and family along the way. The crisp fall air blows against our ears as we smile and bask in the low lying sun’s rays. Sometimes, we can smell a fall fire in the air as we approach our destination. For these reasons I’ve stated, not only do we get to enjoy our friends and family along the way, but we can embrace all that is fall on our walk to Whitey’s. The relationship between taste and emotion is clear; Whitey’s pumpkin flavored ice cream is probably the best ice cream in the QCA. I understand that some may not like the flavor of pumpkin but, if given a try you may just be converted like me. This ice cream is so good that Whitey’s has it’s own website, you can view the menu and order ice cream online from anywhere in the…show more content…
Maybe a taste test of your own will conclude the superior taste of Whitey’s especially after sampling from Maggie Moo’s or Cold Stone Creamery. After you make your own conclusion, you will see for yourself that Whitey’s is the best value and taste. Furthermore, Whitey’s is an asset to the local community by supporting various fund raising events and by donating their treats to the community. I can only stress how delicious the pumpkin flavored ice cream is at Whitey’s, come see for yourself why so many people have made it a favorite among magazines and local papers. You can taste the fall and feel the love and warmth that helped create such a delicious fall treat, after all there is a reason why it’s been around since 1933,

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