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By: Christina C. Appleberry July 26, 2011 Entrepreneurship Dr. Emmanuel Table of Content! 1) Executive Summary 2) Business Concept 3) Mission Statement 4) Description of Business 5) Description of Business Venture 6) Target Market 7) Consumer Demographics 8) Business Goal 9) Market Plan 10) Sales Strategy 11) Production Plan 12) Corporate Structure Executive Summary This is called Appleberries Pastries & Bake. 123 Greenbrier Ln Dallas, Texas 75514 Contact Person: Christina C. Appleberry (469)471-0911 The nature of this company is to share the taste of fresh fruit baked into sweet cakes and rich pastries. The objective to our business is to express the sweet life given fresh every day. We want our customer to feel good about life and themselves and what better way to do so by giving them a heavenly treat serve fresh to savor the cravings. Business Concept The purpose of this pastry business is to sale the best tasting cakes and pastries in the area. Not only will the pastries be good and fresh but health for those people that take the healthier approach in life. The goal of the business is to share flavors to everyone and branch off to those all over. By starting off small, I have faith in this business that our profit will maximize as our name is exposed enabling us to open more locations. Mission Statement Appleberries Pastries & Bake are locally owned and operated innovative bakeries with strong community involvement, committed to providing our customers with consistent high-quality bakery products and responsive customer service. Our team is passionate about our high standards and our commitment to act customer first and exceed customer expectations, resulting in increasing customer loyalty. We believe that it is important to treat each person, whether customer, team member, or vendor, with honesty, courtesy, and

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