Cherry Cheesecake Essay

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My Favorite Dessert Delightful sweet-tart cherry glaze dripping over the sides of a perfectly baked cheesecake with graham cracker crust. Cherry cheesecake is not only one of the most enjoyable desserts but also very simple to bake if instructions are followed. The most efficient way to bake a great tasting cherry cheesecake is gather ingredients, prepare, bake and enjoy. To start with in baking a cheesecake, you will need to assemble all of the ingredients. Some people may find this a bit frustrating, but to avoid any confusion make sure prior to this step you visit the grocery store with a list of the exact ingredients. First you will need 1 ¾ cups of graham cracker crumbs for the crust. Also 1/3 cup melted margarine, 1 ¼ divided sugar, three 8oz packages of softened cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream, 2 tsp. vanilla, 3 eggs, and a 21oz can of cherry pie filling. Once you have all ingredients arranged you can begin to focus on the next step which is preparing your cheesecake. To prepare the cheesecake you must first preheat the oven to 350 F. While the oven is heating, mix the graham cracker crumbs, margarine, and ¼ cup of sugar. Press the mixture firmly onto the bottom and sides of a 2 ½ inch pan for your crust and set aside. After your crust is complete, you can begin beating the cream cheese and remaining 1 cup of sugar into a large bowl using an electric mixer on medium speed. Once the mix is well blended add the sour cream, vanilla, and eggs one at a time. Finally pour into the crust and your one step closer to baking and enjoying a delicious cherry cheesecake. The final and most rewarding step in making a cherry cheesecake is to bake and enjoy. Place the cheesecake in the oven and bake for one hour or until the center is almost set. Turn the oven off and allow the cheesecake to set for one hour followed by refrigerating for four hours. After it has

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