Owl Cupcakes Essay

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Introduction Did you guys know why were the cupcakes invented? Well they invented cupcakes because it saves a lot of time in the kitchen, rather than doing cakes. Making cupcakes is very basic, but it gets complicated when you want to decorate them. Today I will be showing you guys how to make owl cupcakes, step by step. I have baked since a small age because my mother showed me how to bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes. For me baking is my hobby and my distraction, and I like teaching others how to decorate owl cupcakes because I am in love with owls. To make an owl cupcake we will need: Oreo cookies, chocolate frosting, M&M’s, toothpicks and obviously a cupcake. Body 1. First, I will need a cupcake. a. I will get the chocolate frosting and spread it out nicely into the cupcake. 2. After that I will need to get the pack of oreo cookies. a. I will need to open up or split the oreo cookie in half. This step has to be done very careful because the oreo cookies break right away. Once you get both parts of the cookie, the same step will be done one more time. b. I will have four parts of the oreo cookie. Two half’s with t white and the other two are just black. c. For the two half’s of the oreo cookie with white, we have to make sure the white part is all white. Sometimes it had some black parts from the other half since they are all connected. d. We get the two half’s of the black oreo and then cut them in half once again. That means that black half will be cut in half one more time. 3. Then we have to place everything into the cupcake. a. The two black half’s we cut will be the ears of the owl. We will place one in ech side, but they will have to be standing up. To make sure they will be standing up, we will but a toothpick behind it so it could be still. b. The ears will have to be cover with the chocolate frosting. Then the two half’s of the oreo

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