chocolate vs hard candy

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You rummage through all that you have gotten this holiday. Finally, you find what you were searching for. It is a daintily wrapped object that you are looking forward to open. Ignoring the beautiful writing on the outside, you look for a place to tear this baby open. The shiny paper that surrounded it once is now gone as you dive into your delightful surprise. It’s a present right…? Close, but not quite as good. It is a piece of candy that you have just received on Halloween night. This isn’t just any piece of candy though; it is a nice chunk of chocolate. Ripping off the paper to reveal the precious delicacy is only the beginning of a fantasy. With the delicious nuts, caramel, and chocolate all mixed into one swell bite, your head will begin to turn around in delight. The crunchy taste of peanuts and a nice milky chocolate is sure to fill your mouth. This candy is unlike all of the others you received this year. It is one in which the creamy caramel mixes with the rich chocolate taste that overwhelms your taste buds. A peanut crunchiness is about it as you lift it to your mouth-watering lips. The smooth taste of chocolaty richness fills your body as you soar off to heaven. A chocolate bar consists of a rich chocolate that is, mainly, made from cocoa and milk. It is healthy, yet enjoyable for a fine afternoon snack. The chocolate bar is a source of calcium, and we all know that you need calcium to build strong bones. So when your mother asks, “did you get your source of calcium today?” You will be able to answer with the truth and say, “yes, mom, I made sure to get my calcium today.” Cocoa has been proved to release endorphins in your body, which will raise your serotonin levels. This will improve your mood and make you a happier person to be around. Along this line, girls, it is also a PMS curer. Chocolate is high in magnesium and raises the progesterone

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