Health Triangle Case Study

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4) The three sides of the health triangle are family/ social, physical, and mental. They all affect each other for instance if you get a bad test score and are failing a test you might not get enough sleep. Then if you play a sport you might not have had enough sleep to be able to practice or play the next day, and you might want to stop talking to your family. If you get a good test score you will hopefully get enough sleep and be able to play in the game. When you play great in the game you will be confident and be able to talk to your family with no problems. 5) Depression is one way, if you are sad you could start eating too much then you could get overweight, or you might not eat at all, and because of this you get very skinny and what…show more content…
It can be subtle or right in your face it doesn’t matter. It is here to help us buy things. Whether they are for children or adults, during kid’s television programs kid’s commercials are on. During sports adult commercials are on. The main reason it is here is because they want us to buy, buy, buy and for them to sell, sell, sell 8) A balanced diet is very important, without one you might not get all the nutrients you need and there for have a shorter life span. An example of an unhealthy diet is, mountain dew, cookies, cake, candy, milk, frosted flakes. While the milk is good for you, there really is only the dairy section of the food pyramid in there. A good balanced diet is steak, beans, broccoli, milk, bread, pasta, tomato sauce, and even an apple. Here you have protein, carbs, fats, dairy, vegetables, and fruits, now just include some water and you have the perfect meal. 9) you have to stay connected with your family if not you will not get along and might fight. Someone in the family might even get an eating disorder. You want to talk to your child about having sex, how it could destroy their life. Mainly because it is illegal in Massachusetts until you are 16. If the family doesn’t stay connected one of the members might start going to a brothel and above all else you might never see your family

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