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Sweet Frog Sweet Frog is a really cool, fun, and delicious frozen yogurt shop. Sweet Frog has a lot of fun flavors like, Thin Mint, Alpine Vanilla, Apple pie, Angel Food Cake, Fancy French Vanilla, Irish Mint, York Chocolate Peppermint, and many more. Sweet Frog has a topping bar where you can put your own toppings on your frozen yogurt. You can personalize it with your own touch. The topping bar has many delicious toppings such as strawberry and orange poppers, chopped up bananas, raspberries, whipped cream, marshmallow cream, chocolate syrup, and much more. Sweet frog charges 39 cents per ounce of yogurt with toppings. Their motto is “Grab a cup, fill it up, and top it off.” Sweet Frog has a lot of contests. Some of their contests give away gift cards, and they give away hoodies, t-shirts and now they are having a name the frog contest where you go onto their websites and put in name ideas for the frogs and you could win 10,000 dollars! Sweet frog has a chalkboard wall where kids, teens, and adults can draw or write anything on it. Sweet frog is the best frozen yogurt shop I know of in Winchester, Virginia. Many children, teens, and adults go there for a late night dessert or just a time for relaxing. Sweet Frog sells t-shirts, hoodies, and gift cards for friends or just a gift for a loved one. Sweet Frog has many facebook followers who go to Sweet Frog every day for their delicious frozen yogurt. Kids of all ages will love Sweet Frog and all their delicious flavors. Sweet Frog sells beverages for when you need to wash down a sticky topping. When I walk into Sweet Frog it’s like a hangout place for me and my friends to have a good time and talk about anything we want while eating delicious frozen yogurt. Sweet Frog has spirit nights for schools all over the Winchester area. Their goal is to create the best-frozen yogurt experience you've ever had.

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