Should Students Wear School Uniforms Essay

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Should Students Wear School Uniforms? When the thought of uniforms comes across a student’s mind, they think of only the negative points that make them cringe and stutter. But, what they do not think about are the benefits that can not only help the school environment, but help individual students as well. Firstly, there is a sense of equality in the environment when each student wears the same uniform that the kid next to them is wearing. Equality is the most important right because it is one of the biggest solutions to discrimination. Bullying, or the term I prefer to use, harassing, is where one is being aggressively discriminated or pressured because of their “difference”. In this case, the “difference” is dressing in a fashion that is not “up-to-date”. Students who do not wear expensive brands usually are looked down upon by those who do. It can be hard to afford that Gucci shirt that the cool squad wears, like Ameen, which is why uniforms are a perfect, maybe the only solution to harassment against this issue. In fact, in 2009, research from Impact of School Uniforms, Academic Achievement, and Student Behaviour suggest that schools which require uniforms contain more pleasant environment. When equality is demonstrated in a learning environment, such as school, each learner is provided with the same opportunity to achieve their goals. Next, students are having to deal with choosing what to wear each morning. School is a learning environment, not a fashion show. Students should be worrying about their final exams, and their big assignments. Not if blue jeans look more dope then khakis. Also, mornings for students are usually rushed in order to make it to class on time. Between choosing what to wear, and getting to their ride on time, the importance of the most important meal of the day suddenly decreases. After 8 hours of sleeping without eating, having
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