Shc 31 Essay

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SHC 31: PROMOTE COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH, SOCIAL CARE 1.1. Identify the different reasons people communicate. Communication is good for giving and receiving information. It is the underlying base that supports how we live our lives. What we say, how we say it and our body language communicates a multitude of messages that are given and received consciously and subconsciously by using different communication methods. People communicate because they have information or ideas they may want to share with another person. It is important to remember that communication involves gestures, eye contact, writing, as well as speaking. 1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. Communication affects relationships in many ways in the work setting. For example with colleagues, the manager or supervisor and also the parents of the child and the child. Effective communication is a two-way process. The person communicating has to send a clear and concise message to the responding party. The message must be understood correctly to have a response. Communication can be in the way of telephone, written notes, email alerts, text messages and vocal. Communication is very important in the work setting. 2.1 Demonstrate how to set up the correspondence and dialect needs, wishes and inclinations of people. I would set up an administration client's correspondence and dialect needs by: • Reading his or her care arrangement • Reading his or her medicinal notes • Speaking to the customer straightforwardly • Speaking to different associates • Speaking straightforwardly to individuals from the administration client's crew. 2.2. Depict the elements to consider when advancing viable correspondence Elements to consider when correspondence could be: • Is nature suitable for correspondence (is it sufficiently bright, peaceful and private)
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