Level 3 301- Communication

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Level 3 301- Communication 1:1 Identify the different reasons people communicate. (Diploma 301 1 People communicate to socialize, express feelings, ask questions, to share ideas, information and opinion, to express needs, to reassure, to share experiences, to give instructions, to give encouragement, to understand and to be understood, etc. 1:2 Explain how communication affects relationships in your work setting. (Diploma 301 1:2) Communication is the key for a good relationship with my service users, their families, my co-workers, my manager, etc. An effective communication is important in my work place and we make sure that the message send is clear and concise and the message must be understood correctly to have a response to avoid conflicts that could be rise because of a bad or no communication. For example: If the family of my service user tell me it was a changed in the daily care routine of my service user, it is my duty of care to tell my colleagues the changes for the safety of the service user, failure in communicate the changes could damage the trust that my colleagues and family involved have on my work. As important is to communicate efficiently with my service user, to make sure that I understood what is their need to comply with my duty and build a good relationship were the service user trust me to care for him. To create a good atmosphere in my working place a good communication it is important as if there is conflicts between staff and hardly have any communication will affect all aspect of work and create a not pleasant environment to work in. By keeping my colleagues feeling included and informed relationships are built and harmony can be created. There is so many ways to communicate as written notes, telephone, emails, text message and vocal, etc. Communication involves speech and language called verbal communication and also
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