Unit 201 Essay

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Outcome 1- understand why communication is important in an adult social care setting. 1.1- Identify different reasons why people communicate: There are many different reasons as to why people communicate. We communicate to express and share ideas on a topic,we communicate to show our feeling need and wishes and also our preferences. We have to also communicate to share and gain information while also getting to know one another. 1.2- Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working in an adult social care setting: Effective communication can affect many aspects of work,effectively communicating can help build levels of trust,help recording and reporting incidents, aid participation and help with service provisions. 1.3-Explain why it is important to observe individuals reactions while communicating with them: When communicating with an individual it is key to pay attention to reactions that the person gives off. This is because it allows one to understand what that the individual is expressing and to help meet the individuals needs.It helps to also notice any changes in an individuals needs and to enable effective communication. Outcome 2- Understand how to meet the communication and language needs,wishes and preferences of an individual. 2.1- Explain why it is important to find out an individual's communication, language needs ,wishes and preferences: It is important to find out an individual’s needs,wishes,and preferences because it allows the person to enable effective communication while trying to understand what an individual is trying to express. It also helps one to understand the individuals preferences based on such things like: beliefs,values and cultural background. This in turn helps avoid the individual from feeling excluded, frightened, distressed or frustrated.Finally it helps to support the individual to be fully
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