Savior Sibling Essay

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Family Duty All mothers wish their children to have the best and they would do anything to support. Generally, it is mostly right try to save their children whatever it takes. However, is still justified even if mothers break the human rights of others to support their children? A novel, My Sister’s Keeper written by Jodi Picoult tackles controversial of the significance of lives. The mother of the Fitzgerald family, Sara, she and her husband Brian decided to create Anna, as a savior sibling for her older sister Kate who is suffering from leukemia. Although Anna is supportive to save Kate’s life seems like Sara’s decision to have Anna as a savior sibling justified. However, Anna feels isolated from her family and feels unsure about herself, and she is used as her commodities and also, she was forced to be matured more than her actual age with heavy responsibility for her family duty shows that Sara’s decision to create savior sibling is not justified. People who think it is justified to create a designer child as a savior sibling would argue that creating a savior sibling is necessary and they support this idea with the assumption that the benefit that savior sibling will provide perfect match with the patient. This will save the waiting time for a donor to be found and save the risk of a wrong match. Rick Kent who had decided to have savior sibling for her daughter who is suffering from leukemia says in local news of California, "Pretty much any parent would do it to save their child,”(par.13). It is understandable for all the people to be willing to save a person’s life if there is a way to do so. Creating a savior sibling is one way to save a child such as Rick Kent’s daughter. However, there is its controversy if it is ethically justified to have a savior sibling even it determinates their significance of life. The controversy is over
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