The Role Of Mercy Killing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Schneider 1 Natalie K. Schneider Mrs. B English 1 H, P2 2013,1,22 Just another casualty Mercy killing is a very taboo, controversial subject. In the novel of mice and men by john Steinbeck George and Lennie are each other’s only family so they always travel together. George is a small but smart man where Lennie is a big stupid man. They both go to work at a new farm after an incident in their old town caused them to go find work in a new town. Lennie has always caused them trouble but this time it’s serious, he killed the bosses son, Curley’s, wife and Curly is out for blood. After the accidental murder of Curley’s wife Lennie runs off to the pond he and George slept at the night before their first day at work, because that’s where George told…show more content…
This statement, which was said about George and slim after Lennie’s death shows how little Lennie’s life was worth to the other people in the book. Lennie’s death is only one of two mercy killings that are going to be talked about. Kay Gilderdale gave her suffering daughter Lynn a cocktail that would end her life in December of 2008. Lynn was suffering from ME for 17 years and wanted out. “Her daughter called her for help when her own attempts at suicide failed” (Laville1). Lynn just wanted to die and end her long suffering. The judge also had something to say about this case “there is no dispute that you were a caring and loving mother and that you were acting in the best interests of your daughter” (Laville2). This clearly states that even the judge of her case thought she was doing the right thing. Kay did her daughter a favor out of the kindness and loving in her heart. Mercy killing can be the right thing to do if someone’s life just is not worth living much longer. Be it a best friend or a mother if mercy killing is done with good intentions then they should not be arrested for murder. In reality, people commit suicide every day. What is one more person; if someone wants to die that bad who are you to tell them they can’t? It’s just another casualty of everyday

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