Lake City Scandal

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In lake City, Idaho Tony and Sam played their rivalry school and won that night, they both wanted to celebrate with their girlfriends Alison and Sue at the park to celebrate with couple of drinks for them. They were laughing and just having a good time and then Sam and Sue wanted to be alone and left Tony and Alison, while they were gone Tony wanted to have sex with Alison and she said no because her parents wouldn’t agree on the relationship they are having. While Sam and Sue were having a good time as Tony thinks. Sam and Sue later showed up and it was time to go drop their girlfriend’s home. When they dropped them home Sam spent the night at Tony’s house because he was to drunk to go home. Their next big game was the last of the season…show more content…
Twenty-eight years later One day he received a call from Sue that Sam needed his help in a situation that has occurred in Lake City. Tony never wanted to go back to his hometown but told Tony he would go and help in whatever he can. When Tony arrived to Lake City the first person he saw was Sue and was talking about how things have changed and how her husband Sam has been acting different with her. Sam talked to Tony about the accusation they made on him of killing one of the girls he coaches. The young girl name was Marcie Calder two days before her seventeenth birthday she was killed and she was pregnant. Sam was the vice president of Salt Lake City High and was the track coach. Sam had a secret a fare with his student and one night she told her she was pregnant with his baby he didn’t know what to do and killed her and made it seem like she killed herself. Tony believed Sam of what he had said happened that he just left her at the park where they were talking and that was the last time he had seen her and went home. The trial went on and there as evidence that he had a mode if to kill her. Marcie was pregnant and the DNA matched Sam’s DNA. Sam later revealed everything that had happened with Alison and Marcie to Tony. Sam said there was always a competition between them and how over the years he got angry towards him. Sam and Tony were arguing and Sam pointed a gun at himself and Tony was
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