Between Shades Of Grey Character Analysis

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* How does the novel Between Shades of Grey explores the importance of mothers in times of extreme crisis Between Shades of Grey is a powerful novel that depicts the capturing and deportation of the Lithuanian people in 1941. The characters deal with the horrific conditions of starvation, sleeping in freezing temperatures and back braking labour within the Soviet camps. Between Shades of Grey explores the vital role a mother plays in her children’s lives in times of extreme crisis. The novel expresses how Elena make decisions solely based on her children’s wellbeing in with no regard for material objects. Secondly, Elena carries out motherly duties despite the unrelentingly hard circumstance. Finally, both Mrs. Arvydas and Elena give up…show more content…
Elena carries out motherly duties despite the incredibly difficult circumstances of surviving in Altai labour camp. The family had been in the labour camp for months, they were all weak and hungry. It was Lina’s birthday and Lina thought that her mother had forgotten because of their horrific situation. But really Elena had organized a surprise ‘party’ in the bald man’s hut. Even though their situation seemed bleak, Elena felt that she should still carry out simple motherly duties, like celebrating her daughter’s birthday, to make Lina feel more secure. As her mother she felt it her responsibility to try and brighten up her daughter’s day in any way she could. By doing this Elena was trying to give Lina hope and maintain some semblance of normality as well as celebrate a milestone in her child’s life. Earlier on in the novel, Jonas contracts scurvy because of the lack of vitamins in his miniscule diet. Elena expresses motherly responsibilities and tries to nurture her son back to health. She begs the guards for medicine and in response gets her face spat at. She becomes increasingly desperate and expresses her distress through prayer, “Please, God, spare him. He is so young. He’s seen so little of life. Please…take me instead.” She pays for tea with more valuable items and gets some canned tomatoes from Andrius. Through these two events, Elena displays that no matter how desperate the situation is she always will carry out her motherly duties for the benefit of her
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