Abortion: The Mother By Gwendolyn Brooks

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Abortion is a very serious and painful decision to make. The poem, “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks, focuses on the painful struggle a woman is experiencing while dealing with the distress of a number of abortions in her past. The speaker expresses to the reader about all pain, agony, and the grief she is experiencing and that she had no other choice. It is an emotional and heart-wrenching poem where she talks about how she longs to be able to experience things with her kids that usually people take for granted. The first line of the first stanza, the speaker begins by stating, “Abortion will not let you forget.” This statement catches the eye with powerful words and a strong presence. The mother is being haunted by her past abortions, not wanting to feel the pain. An example is shown in lines eleven and twelve: "I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed/children" (ll. 11-12). The mother feels heartache and sorrow about what she did because she knows her mistake will be with her for the rest of her life. She will always hear those faint cries in her mind, which will never let her forget that she killed her children. Brooks makes a compelling transition from telling the reader what the Mother is feeling to explaining to her children why she did what she did. She cannot…show more content…
She expresses all the love she had for her children. She knew her children and loved them because they were a part of her. She emphasizes that she loved them, and let them know how apologetic she was for her grievous decision. The speaker in the poem is both remorseful and regretful. She explains that she had no other choice during that time in her life. In conclusion, the speaker is expressing about her loss of her children and having the reader feel the pain and torment she went through and how she wants to be a mother to her

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