The Courage of Betty Scott

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The Courage of Betty Scott Courage? Overcoming a great obstacle of fear through the adversity you’re facing at hand. Being afraid of the great possibilities of heredity gene of something that can ruin your life was a major adversity of Betty. This is what made Betty Scott a woman of great courage. Betty had pain in her breast she was overwhelmed with great fear that she would have breast cancer because her mother and grandmother had it before her. Instead of her crying to the doctor she was afraid and withdrawn herself from everyone she cared about even her daughter. One day her sister came home and found her on the floor passed out. She called 911 and rush her to the hospital while there her worst fear was known. She had breast cancer. What she had feared was true. She prayed to god to give her the courage to deal with this problem she was facing. The next day she was told she was going to loose her right breast. Betty also had a daughter she had to live for. She had to overcome her fear of loosing her breast and her life. She choose to have the surgery so she could live. She had the surgery and lust the fear of how people would look ather and treat her. She overcame fear and had the courage to have the surgery. She hid herself from people because she didn’t want anyone to know she had the fear of breast cancer until she went to the hospital and found out she had it. So she had to face whether she wanted to have surgery and have people look at her differently. She prayed to god and hoped to overcome it so after she got out of surgery she started mentoring other women on breast cancer and the fear she had but overcame that fear when she decided to get surgery. After all she went through that made her a very, very strong woman again. And she was never scared of anything else in life she overcame all of her

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