The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks

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Synopsis of "the Mother" By Gwendolyn Brooks Gwendolyn Brooks is a modernist poet, who wrote the anti-abortion poem, "The Mother". In, "The Mother" Brooks portrays modernism through the free verse style common with poets of the time. Although illegal, Brooks tells a heart-wrenching story of abortion and the conscious and unconscious effects that it has on the woman. It is an emotional portrayal of a woman's guilt and shame of having an abortion, not only one abortion but also she clearly states in her work that there were children and abortions. The mood and the tone of "The Mother" is one of guilt, shame, and possibly remorse. The tone seems almost lethargic, but brings about a surge of emotions within the reader. The emotional impact on its readers can range from shock and horror to apprehension and unease. The setting of the poem conjures pictures of the deprived, unfortunate, and meager woman of the time, who faces a fear and uncertainty of bringing a child into a world that will not be accommodating to the noticeable disregard to the socially acceptable philosophy of family. The woman tells her aborted children that she loves them, and that is why she has made the choice to abort them. The first line, "Abortion will not let you forget" (Line 1) brings about vivid thoughts about the controversial subject matter of abortion. This forces the reader to set aside his or her own personal views regarding abortion. For this reader, abortion is a subject that has always touched the inner feelings and memories of having to make the choice of aborting a child, not for the lack of love, but for the lack of the social and financial standing that is required to raise a child. For this reader, this poem was a recollection of a past event, that has been hidden deep within my heart and soul. With that being said, the first line, "Abortion will not let you forget" holds

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