The Power of a Positive Woman

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The Power of the Positive Woman It is common in American society to hear about the rise of American Feminism and the fight for Women’s Rights. The one topic that seems to be skimmed over is the women who were against this era of feminism, and how they believed it would destroy the American family. One of these women was Phyllis Schlafly, and she was not shy about writing her feelings towards the women liberationists. She wrote many books and essays including Feminist Fantasies, The Power of the Positive Woman, and “Who Will Rock the Cradle”, just to name a few. In The Power of the Positive Woman, Schlafly explains that there is indeed a difference, besides the obvious physicality, between men and woman that cause them to play different roles in society. She in no ways demoralizes the role of either men or women, but instead explains how each gender has an equally important role to play in society. She explains the ideals of liberationists by saying, “The second dogma of the women’s liberationists is that, of all the injustices perpetrated upon women through the centuries, the most oppressive is the cruel fact that women have babies and men do not” (Schlafly 296). This puts the blame of female anatomy on the males instead of on the Divine Creator of human lives. Although this seems to be a ridiculous reason to hate the male population, it is Schlafly’s way of making their movement seem ridiculous. She also explains that woman have a natural instinct of maternity, that no one can teach them how to be a mom, which defends her opinion that men and woman are also different emotionally and psychologically. Sally Staples wrote and article titled “Who Will Rock the Cradle” in 1997. She proclaims a lot of the same worries as Schlafly in her book titled the same. In both articles the authors describe the worry of leaving a newborn child with a new nanny instead of their
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