Lost Baby Pom

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In the “Lost Baby Poem,” Lucille Clifton allows a woman to reminisce about the unborn child that she chose to abort. No one knows the circumstances this young woman may have been experiencing at the moment which may have caused her to take the life of the unborn fetus; as a result, the young woman regrets the decision she made. In the first paragraph, an older woman is talking about the self made abortion that she experienced while in her youth. Clifton allows the readers to visualize the abortion of the unborn fetus by stating, “[…] I dropped your almost body down /down to meet the waters under the city/ and run one with the sewage to the sea.” Being flushed down the toilet and swepted into the sewage sounds like a very harsh way for an partially innocent life to be taken; however, no one knows the circumstances surrounding the actions of this young lady. Besides describing the drastic abortion of the unborn fetus, the speaker acknowledges the immaturity level of the young individual stating, “what did I know about waters rushing back/what did I know about drowning/or being drowned.” The individual young lady may not have fully comprehended the outcome of her actions because she seemed shock that fetus drowned when she flushed it down the toilet. Young, immature individuals do not always think about the consequences or lives they may affect when they perform incidents before thinking them through. In the second paragraph, the old woman is imaging the life the unborn fetus may have experienced if she did not have an abortion. The woman acknowledges that “[the baby] would have been born into winter,/ in the year of the disconnected gas/ and no car we would have made the thin/ walk over Genesee hill into the Canada wind.” Being born in the cold winter months, can be unbearable if an individual doesn’t have the necessary heat or shelter to provide. At that
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