Should Women Have the Right to a Abortion?

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Should Women Have the Right to an Abortion? Abortion is something that women who are pregnant do when they don’t want the baby anymore. Women go to an abortion clinic to remove the baby from their body. There are two groups who have opinions on abortion, they are pro-life and pro-choice. The controversy is that the people who are pro-life say that abortion should be considered murder and everyone has the right to live. “The best way to overturn Roe v. Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion, is to define human embryos as people from the moment of fertilization” (Pesta). The people who are pro-choice say that women should be able to decide on whether or not to have an abortion, because it is their body and they should know what is best for them, if they are raped they should have access to abortion. Women should not be able to have abortions because children should not be killed because of a disease or deformation they may have, they should not be killed just because their mother is a teenager, and even if the mother was raped the child still has a right to live. Women should not have the right to an abortion just because the fetus has a disease or deformation. Doctors that tell mothers about the diseases or deformations the baby has, often result in abortions. Diseases or deformations should not matter when it comes to having a child because the mother should love her child just the way they are. Mothers worry about the health costs of the baby’s disease or deformation but there are a lot of financial aid and heath care programs that can help. “Women who are able to get Medicaid in states that exclude coverage for abortion have abortion rates of about half of those women in states that give money to support abortion care" (Balch 6). Also, “by the time a mother decides to abort a fetus, the fetus can feel pain” (Balch 6). Even though a mother would abort a
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