Abortion as a Controversial Issue

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"No great advance has ever been made in science, politics or religion without controversy" (Lyman Beecher, 1775-1863). This quote exemplifies perpetuity of controversial issues which are forms of disagreement among people’s opinion on any public matter. A new discipline known as bioethics is emerged from those conflict of opinions and it focuses on “the study of controversial ethical issues arising from advances in medicine and biology”. (Mishra, Chan Tung, & Ali, 2011) Abortion is one bioethical issue that has been prolonging debated globally as a result of contradict opinions from different areas such as religious belief, women’s right, medicine, and government and non-government organizations. Therefore this would be the main discussion of this short essay of how abortion comes into controversial ethical issue in these days. This is an issue of women it is therefore first favorably to examine their views as they are the main casualties of abortion and would bear hardship during pregnancy and in lifetime. In recent years and contemporary the legalizing of abortions has developed fervent debates among pro-chose supporters and pro-life advocators. Pro-chose supporters are individuals who favor the reproductive rights of women and to choose the right to have abortion. Most of these supporters are women whom they fight for their own right as they are the ones who would suffer the fatal impact of pregnancy and in bearing a child and they know what is right for them in terms of health and wealth. Let us first consider of the issue of a 21 years old young woman Jane Roe who fought against her right to have fetus abortion. This incident took place in Texas of the year 1973 and according to the Texas constitution law in that period; abortion was banned, except for pregnant women who have physical illness or injuries and their pregnancy would threaten their
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