Constitutionality Of Pre-Abortion Procedure

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Constitutionality of Pre-Abortion Procedures Few words can carry out the shivers and shakes that the word “abortion” can. It means to stop, to terminate. With this word comes judgment regardless of the situation. In the conservative political realm, it translates to murder. Abortions are performed for many reasons, varying from rape and incest to teenage and fatalistic pregnancies. However, more and more political bills are trying to do whatever they can to dissuade these women from going through with the operation, with no regard as to what situation has brought them to this conclusion in the first place. It has reached a point where protestors from all over the nation have become infuriated with the absurd and medically unnecessary procedures…show more content…
The procedure requires a physician to insert a probe, called a transducer, into the woman. This transducer sends out waves which reflect off a woman’s body structure and in turn, produce an image of the fetus. After the procedure is complete, women must undergo a full twenty-four hours before they are actually allowed to go through with the abortion. Although this test is not in mandatory effect in any states, it was very near so. Virginia governor, Bob McDonnell, was open to this shameful procedure and pushed for it to be adopted in his state. It is completely and medically unnecessary and its invasive characteristics have been prevented from becoming the law for now. However, the massive amounts of protestors have not swayed certain politicians from continuing their unimpeded fight to control women’s bodies. Mandatory abdominal ultrasounds are currently in effect in nine states, including Virginia, which with being unable to convince the legislature to pass the invasive bill, settled for a more tolerable one ("An Overview of Abortion Laws.") Women across the country who must go through the traumatizing horrors of abortion are often categorized as shameful. They are judged enough already and certainly don’t deserve to bear the burden of ugly legislation. Planned Parenthood is an organization who supports women’s rights and is in disagreement with the things that they must put women through because of these regulations. A recent bill in Texas called the “Women’s Right to Know Act” was passed and requires women to make at least two visits to the abortion clinic before the

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