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Abortion: Pro-Life How would you feel if you knew that you had no option but death? Everyday there are countless numbers of babies that are killed before given a chance to live. They are forced to face death within their first days of conception and will never have a say in whether or not to live, since death is their only option. Abortion is one of the most controversial topics discussed around the world and has been for many years since its rising popularity began many years ago. Abortion has increasingly become accepted and is performed in countless countries. While most people never come to an exact agreement on whether abortion is right or wrong, it still remains to influence personal and religious beliefs, as well political beliefs.…show more content…
Often feelings of extreme guilt arise and many become depressed, even before they follow through with the procedure. Women suffer emotional and physical turmoil for a long time, and in some cases it can last a lifetime. There seems to be no good to come out of having an abortion. It causes pain and suffering, not happiness and reassurance. The side affects, whether it be emotional or physical, are too much for someone to bare. While some women do over come the emotional idea of killing a fetus, it will liger for a lifetime. Not knowing what the child looked like, or how they would have impacted a life is devastating to most. No one will know how great of a person that child would grow up to be. There are lots of opinions about abortion, and most are not 100 percent for or against the idea. The majority of people tend to fall into the category in which they believe that abortion is completely immoral, with the exception of the women’s health being in danger, or some seemingly logical reasoning to get an abortion. Some believe that abortion is entirely acceptable, while others believe that it is totally corrupt and that there is no reason at all to even consider it. Because abortion is such an issue, there seems to never be an end to

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