Pro Life: An Argument Against Abortion

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I believe that life is very valuable and that no one has the right to take an infant out of the world but God. Abortion should not be legal it kills off your off spring as well as very dangerous and many complication come with it. Abortion kills infants who have no say in to live or die. For these reasons I am Pro-life I strongly believe that life begins at conception. In the state of Wisconsin there are too many infants dying every single day because of certain measures that are not being taken. Many contraceptive ways to avoid being pregnant. There are many people who support my opinion as well as websites. I also have a list of facts to go along. Abortion has been going on for a long enough. It’s sickening how many babies are lost every year to abortion.[i] According to the Early Milestone an egg becomes a being when they are implanted in a women’s uterine wall during days 6-14 when it attaches to the wall. I mean out of 20,000,000 sperms this is the one to make it. I believe that is their life form that is being created. The egg is clinging to life on that wall just waiting for the nutrients and food it needs to grow big and healthy in the womb. During days17-21 the nervous system and future sperm and sex cells are formed. The brain is being mapped…show more content…
Amongst those with the highest abortion rates were young adult between the ages of 20-24. I mean come on that’s killing of many different cultures. I found that many abortions are primarily done because they are inconvenient or unplanned that was 98%,1% was to to incest and1% to rape. So babies are dying primarily because they are not wanted and you know there are many resources out here. Its appalling 98% of abortions are murder because they are unplanned they do have condoms and other contraceptives out here. So for me I am against abortion I am Pro-Life thought I would choose Pro-Choice, but at these rates I say No to abortion.
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