Journal A Defense Of Abortion

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A Defense of Abortion Pregnancy is how human being carries out offspring. As the time goes on, people invent abortion for women who don’t want the fetuses in their uteruses. Abortion is killing the fetus by the pregnant woman’s will. A lot people think that abortion is immoral. In many people minds, fetus is a human being who has the right to survive. Obviously, killing someone is immoral, but fetus is no completely as same as a normal human being. In “A Defense of Abortion”, Thomason used a few examples to show that fetuses must rely on their mom for about ten month to become normal being. Thomson said that fetuses are persons that have the rights to live, but most abortions are permissible. (a) Thomson used some cases as the violinist, the open windows to establish thought experiments to argue that abortion is permissible in most cases. She assumed the fetus is like a violinist who has a fatal ailment and need to plug into a person for nine month to be cured, the person is like a pregnant woman. If you are the person to be plugged into, will you keep it to let the violinist survive or unplug it to let him die? In the open windows case, fetus becomes a seed which drop from the sky and pregnant woman becomes the owner of a house. The seed will take root in the house if it gets into the house. Even if the windows are sealed, there may be some accidents. She tried to persuade people that fetus is a person with rights and who need to rely on other people to survive. (b) In my opinion, abortions are permissible, as the thesis of Thomson. Fetus is like a ten-month parasitic worm, they need others to live in the ten month. Everyone has the rights to make parasitic worm not rely on the host. People do have the right to life, but they cannot live on others. In Thomson’s examples, there still are some differences between fetus and Thomson’s examples. If Thomson can
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