Norma Mccor's Argument Against Abortion

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One of the most controversial topic that society and lawmakers often debate about is abortion. Before 1971 when abortion was illegal it was done in the back alleys of city streets with an inexperienced person doing this procedure. Thousands of women died due to improper procedure, unsterile equipment, and complications due medical malpractice. This changed in December 1971 when a single mother to be chose to fight against the anti-abortion law in the state of Texas. At the time the state of Texas only allowed legal abortions to women that had been raped or was impregnated by incest. “Roe” which is an alias for Norma McCorvey lied to the US district court in texas about her being raped to allow them to give her the right to abort her third pregnancy.…show more content…
They will not get the proper care that they need. Imagine that you looking at a seesaw. On one side a fetus inside a high school teen that had been raped. On the other side her mental and emotional suffering that she and her unwanted child is about to face. What will Congress do then? What if it happens to their child? According to a survey that I have taken, thirteen out of thirty people are anti abortion, like most of the lawmakers that will decide to abolish abortion the people that took my survey and people that makes our will not even conceive or bear a child, because they are men. They should just let our women choose on what they want to do with their body. Our law makers will also not have to worry about what to eat the next day or whether they are going to be evicted from their home or not. They get paid well over two hundred thousand dollars, for them not to worry about poverty, or lining up to receive welfare. There are other alternative that a mother could choose, we do have safe surrender sites and adoption. Do you think this would work if the mother is depress, and feeling stress with what to do with their pregnancy? In some cases maybe in most cases I don’t think so. There are quite a few cases where the mother murders their newborn baby, I remember watching the news one night back in December 2009 about a baby that was found in the dumpster by a guy that was…show more content…
Abortion should remain legal so women would keep their faith and they will not experience hardship with their unwanted baby. There are many reasons why abortion should remain legal. It preserves a humans beings life and prevents the mother to have an unwanted life with a baby that she doesn’t want. If abortion becomes illegal not only one life will be affected but it would be the mother and the unwanted baby. The bible does not say anything about abortion but has something that sounds like they are talking about abortion. Exodus reads “When people who are fighting injure a pregnant woman so that there is a miscarriage, and yet no further harm follows, the one responsible shall be fined what the woman's husband demands, paying as much as the judges determine”( Exodus, 21:22). I’m pretty sure that the bible says a lot more stuff that sounds like they are talking about abortion. When the quality of life is on the line, ending a painful life or ending what will be painfull in the future. They abortion should remain legal for everyone to have a chance to have a favorable

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