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English 15 Feb 2013 Is Abortion Acceptable? The article by Mary Elizabeth Williams (2013) is devoted to the problem of abortion and freedom of choice. The author clearly considers herself as "pro-choice" as she believes that abortion is acceptable, and every woman is entitled to a right to make such a decision. First of all, Williams notices that, on her opinion, every fetus should be considered as a human life, but she supports abortion despite this fact. The author argues that a pregnant woman still preserves right to abortion, if that creates threat to her life and health. However, such practice cannot be qualified as murder because similar decisions are made about criminals, hopeless patients, as well as lives of thousands of people…show more content…
Pregnant women, who prefer abortion, on her opinion, make a choice of the same kind. Williams, however, claims that life starts at conception, and such terms as "the first trimester" or "second trimester" cannot help to define life. On the other hand, she claims that abortion should be applied, if it is necessary as abortion sometimes can save lives. Although the author admits that such a life might be worth any sacrifice, the right to decide whether such sacrifice should be done belongs exclusively to the mother. The presented article demonstrates rather effective use of ethos, logos and pathos. Also, this article is characterized by some prominent textual features such as parallel constructions or figures of speech. The arguments combined with these textual features contribute to effective communicating of the author's message. One of the most noticeable features…show more content…
For example, when characterizing status of woman, Williams states that “She’s the boss”. The term “boss” in this context has few meanings and, thus, laconically explains the main idea. This term refers not only to woman's biological or social superiority. The term “boss” traditionally is applied towards people who have the right to make a final decision, which others have to accept. Thus, it is emphasized that every woman is entitled to the right to make such a decision on her own. Moreover, this term helps to pay attention to liberty of an individual, which in turn are some of the basic values of the American society. Just one word effectively emphasizes the main idea of the argument, as well as the entire article. Such an approach is extremely effective in communicating the author's message because the term “boss” is very meaningful in this context, but is extremely laconic. Also, figurative language is applied when determining the term “human life”. The author questions: “ Are you less of a human life when you look like a tadpole than when you can suck on your thumb?” (Williams). This example helps the author to prove that every life is valuable and, thus, has to be

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