Underground Feminist Abortion Service, By Laura Kaplan

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Lupita Matias 4 March 2010 Book Review The Story of Jane: the legendary Underground Feminists Abortion Service. By Laura Kaplan. (New York: Pantheon Books, 1995.) The Story of Jane: the legendary Underground Feminists Abortion Service written by Laura Kaplan is told by those who operated and helped out with the act of abortion. The book for itself told me that it was going to be about abortion and indeed there were going to a lot of trouble. But overall the book was good and informed me a lot about the illegal abortions women’s were having back then. Honestly, the women’s who were getting the abortion were tired of having babies and we not capable of caring for another child. Kaplan’s thesis was that women had the right to know about abortion…show more content…
After they learned that the person who was performing the abortion were not license physician they had the urge to learned themselves so they can help out other women’s who don’t want to have their child. Jane’s members said that the amount of abortions they did were around eleven thousands. Women’s went to the Jane’s abortion service because it was safe and affordable to the women’s’. The ways the women keep count of the abortion they did were on index cards and they destroyed them once they were caught so there were no evidence left behind. Jane’s contributed a lot to the women help. In 1973, the case of Roe vs. Wade they came up with the decision of that abortion would be legalized but this happened after Jane’s members had performed all of those abortions. Jane’s group way of doing abortion was illegal but that was the reality women faced back then. As for women’s who had the money had a safer way of doing the abortion than for the women’s who had limited income. Also it helps us see that some women’s will go to great measure to have an abortion even though it is…show more content…
Nevertheless, the task was awfully hard. Jane’s group had to work long hours, it was time consuming, and even though it was long they had to perform the abortions. The group also started performing abortions in the late pregnancies and they had to do it because that’s what the women have wanted. Even though the abortions were illegal it was a way to help out women’s who couldn’t take on anymore of the mother role. “The women’s movement had bought abortion into the streets, with demonstration, and speak-outs, mobilizing thousands of women.”(274) Kaplan argues that women had the right to know about abortion and those that wanted abortion they can get it if they wanted too. Women’s also had the right to their health and the sense of abortions. But in the end the women involved in the group were arrested. They were not charge due to the case of Roe vs. Wade because this case legalized

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