The Role Of Abortion In The United States

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Abortion is a much debated about topic of the world today. Abortion is the killing of babies when the mother does not wish to have the child. Abortion can be carried out at any time during a pregnancy and even after. There are many different views on abortion. Since abortion has been legalized in 1973, there have been over 53 million abortions in the world, which is way beyond the capacity that it should be. The leading reason for abortion is the young age of the women getting the abortion. Young adults and even young teenagers will have abortions either because they are too ashamed of being pregnant or they are too young and feel that they cannot take care of the baby. “Globally, abortion accounts for 13 percent of women’s deaths during pregnancy…show more content…
Some of the experiments have shown that Presidency’s with the pro-choice value that there has been a decline in abortion rates, when a lot of these have turned up to be false. Pro-life officials have been in the running of trying to reverse Roe vs. Wade court case, but it has not been successful, but in the court case of Casey vs. Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania it has added regulations to abortions. With this decision it sparked legislators in almost all states to change ways and give more regulations of abortion. Since these regulations have been enforced in nine years abortion had dropped by 18 percent. A major reason that so many abortions are being performed is due to financial services that provide money for these types of procedures. But the truth is that to have an abortion it is way too easy even with all the regulations that have been enforced. Some states, but not all have a law saying there has to be a parent there, and this causes a drop in abortions from 13 to 19 percent. There are even free abortions allowed to be carried out. The killing of a human being should not be free, it is something that is very wrong and people don’t even have to pay to do such things. It is hard to study if pro-life states are actually better than pro-choice states because in most cases the values of the states are different some have different views and some may be more religious which can change the perspective of the two. But either way, even in the states that has pro-life views and is not very religious the abortion rates and ratios are still better. Which provides support that pro-life had a very big impact on the decline of abortion in the 1990s. This information provides support that in states that have pro-choice views it sends a message to the people of that state that abortion is not so bad. Which is wrong, and this leads to the

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