The Controversial Issue Of Abortion And Pro Life

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Abortion Abortion is a very wide spread controversial topic between pro-choice and pro-life supporters. It has been happening for thousands of years, and yes while the laws have changed, it always has been and always should be up to women to make choices for themselves no matter where this live or what they are accustomed to. Women should have rights to their bodies and be able to choose what they wish to do, especially when it’s a decision as big as bringing a child into this world. Abortion should not be banned; it should be legal and accessible to all women. Abortion has been occurring for over 5,000 years. According to Chinese history, it is said that the legendary Emperor Shennong used mercury for terminating the pregnancy. (Orlando)…show more content…
These practices were the ones that the women performed to self-induce their pregnancy and many women died because of it. Women do this because abortion may be illegal wherever they live, or even if it is legal they do not want to risk the chance of ruining their social lives and being looked at differently by people with strong beliefs about abortion being illegal. These methods included sitting over a pot of steam, curling irons, sticks, glass rods, knitting needles, knives, candles, penholders, catheters, spoons, douching with various and unsafe solutions, coat hangers, and swallowing harmful drugs and strong…show more content…
Going to an abortion clinic can end in fights, women getting scared, and can become very stressful for women. Pro-life believers will campaign in front of places that preform abortion. They’ll make signs and chant outside the doors and to women going in to get an abortion. Not only will the campaign outside the clinic, they will chain themselves to the doors or to They’ll yell profane things and try to stop the women. Saying it’s against God’s will and they are murderers for killing their baby. They will state facts about the baby saying they have fingernails, or that they are already a human that’s going to be killed. Women will change their mind and either have the baby when they know they are not ready to support a child, or they will terminate the pregnancy themselves resulting in major pain and possible death, all because they do not want to face these anti-abortionist or their mind would get changed by

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