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Richard Noa Being a rape victim myself makes me see abortion in a complete different way from those who are pro-life. I used to think abortion was wrong, up until the day my childhood was robbed; I was only a twelve-year-old. I have had endless conversations and arguments with too many people over this topic. It is such a sensitive conversation, but no one will ever understand why a rape victim would support abortion until someone puts themselves in our shoes. First of all, women are being stripped of their personal choices. Second, the victim will have a daily reminder of what happened to her. Not only that, but many girls are sexually abused at a very young age and don’t have the right resources to raise a child. The government should have no say in what a girl or woman does with her body, because they could never fully understand the suffering it would cause…show more content…
Yet, I quickly realized the government tries to control everything, especially what a woman does with her body. Ironic, isn’t it? Every day women are being stripped of their personal choices. By some uneducated men who can’t even begin understand a female body. Recently the Republican representative from Missouri stated that the female anatomy can resist unwanted impregnation. (Quoted in Napolitano) First of all, this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard coming from a public figure. It has been scientifically proven, that no woman could ever prevent the union of an egg and sperm. Second of all, if we were able to resist such thing, abortion would not be part of the equation. How are women even expected to allow an individual who can’t even begin to understand the female anatomy to make a decision on abortion? It is frustrating to see how these people think they can make decisions for us about our body. It is even more frustrating that a man who can’t seem to understand the female body will make such

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