Why Abortion Is Good

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RE: Anand Giridharadas ,” Abortion” December 14, 2012 Abortion.. is it a women's right or should everyone have the right to life? Many believe that once the baby is alive it is considered murder. However others may believe it is up to the woman if one wants to keep it or not. This has been a topic amongst many arguments around the world and many do not come to a conclusion. It is your right to believe in what you want, so is abortion good or bad? Abortion is the “termination of a pregnancy”. So for the anti abortionist this is considered slaughtering the baby. They believe that the fetus is actually a separate human life form. So if one has an abortion it is considered murder. On the other hand, pro abortionist believe that fetus is not dependant on the mother until it is born. The fetus is connected by the placenta, and is only separated at birth, so it is not murder. The flaw in these arguments are, when do we call a fetus a person? From a religious standpoint they believe that when the fetus arrives it is a person. Most believe when the nervous system is made, because it can feel pain like an abortion. However this stage does not happen until the 6th or 7th month and abortion never occurs after the 24th week. Abortion is necessary because of the potential of existing circumstances that would be a detriment to the mother or fetus. The mother could be physically, mentally, or emotionally unwell and not capable of being pregnant or having a child without endangering her health; the pregnancy could have possibly been the result of a terrible crime, such as rape or incest; the fetus could be unhealthy and be a danger to the mother's health. I truly believe that abortion is a good thing if used right. Many people are not ready to have another human in their life and raise it improperly. In 1987 a study was done to the woman who had abortions, to find out the
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