Abortion Is Wrong

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Persuasive essay Abortion is wrong agree or disagree with this statement What if one of the worlds greatest leaders mother got an abortion when pregnant with them? I strongly agree with the statement that abortion is wrong. Abortions can harm the mother in many physical and mental ways. Also abortion is really killing a living person. Finally the child with in the mother should have the right to life. This is why I strongly agree that abortions are wrong. Getting a abortion can effect a woman's plans for future pregnancy. It has been proven by many doctors that woman that have had an abortion have more of a chance of having problems with future pregnancy. Also in the process of getting an abortion may cause damage to female parts, this can bring plenty of pain and problems with a women. On the other hand women who have been raped and got pregnant may want an abortion to get rid of the memories of the rapist. The amount of pressure of getting a abortion can really mess with the mothers emotions and may even effect a relationship that they are in. Abortion create multiple problems for both the single mother or couple. An abortion is like killing a person but you don't get in no trouble for greeting one. It has been proven by doctors that two weeks after semi nation that the zygote is a living thing. Many people believe that getting an abortion is the same thing as murdering a person with no consequences. Also some people that go through abortions find it hard to deal with the fact that they have killed a child that could have done greatness. Every person has the right to life even if you are not born yet. Every one has the right to life no matter who you are. There has a law that every person has the right to life and if a child in its mother is a living person then they should have the right to that law as well. Also can you imagine

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