Abortion Is A Violation In The United States

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Who are we to deny people their lives before they have a chance to live it? In the U.S. Constitution we as citizens are guaranteed to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Since we have been given fifty dollars to give to a charity, I believe we should use it to try to stop abortions. Abortion is a direct violation of these rights. There is the discussion of when life begins, at conception or at birth. I believe that it begins at conception, and that we are illegally killing innocent people. Abortion is an issue that I believe is a crime. Lawmakers in Congress keep abortion legal because they argue that it is a right to privacy which is also in the Constitution. These people neglect the fact that other parts of the law are being broken in this act. Only in special birth complications should an abortion be performed, for example one where the birth of the child could severely harm or kill the birthmother.…show more content…
That is 800,000 lives that are stopped abruptly brought to a halt before they had a chance to live. Those are all chances to become great successful people that are denied. The people who were killed in these abortions could have been some of the world’s greatest athletes or maybe even found a cure for cancer, but we killed them for some unknown reason, with no concern for their potential. Abortion is one of the worst crimes that is committed today, but there is no punishment for it. Thousands of murderers walk the streets everyday, with no reprimand. When abortion ends, it will be the same caliber of slavery ending in America. The practice should be ended immediately, and I hope that this money we are giving will be a part in bringing it to a
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