Sarah Slater's Argument Against Abortion

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At twenty-three weeks into her pregnancy Sarah Slater gave birth to her extremely premature daughter Lexie. Because Lexie was only twenty-three weeks into her development, her eyes were not fully developed and her lungs were not able to work properly (“Born”). After several collapsed lungs, laser surgery on her eyes, and months on machines, Lexie was able to go home. Her parents say that she is their pride and joy. That they feel truly blessed to have their laughing, squealing, bubbly daughter in their lives. Their daughter will someday realize how blessed she is to have had this chance at life. Twenty-three weeks is just one week short of the maximum age to abort a fetus. Lexie proved the argument true; aborting a fetus is killing a living being. Abortion is murder. Murder is illegal. Abortion should be made illegal. In 1973 the Roe vs. Wade trial, one that is to this day one of our most controversial topics, was concluded (“Feminist”). This trial brought forth the idea that laws in the country of the United States against abortion were also against a woman’s right to privacy, which she was protected by in the United States Constitution under the fourteenth amendment. The ruling of this case was that a woman had a right to have an abortion for…show more content…
If a woman wants to control her family size, there are not only oral contraceptives, but condoms as well. By combining the two, you are increasing your chance of not getting pregnant. It is a woman’s right to be sexually active if she chooses to, however, responsibility comes with that. If a woman does not want to get pregnant, then she should prevent it with every effort, rather than just turn to abortion to fix her irresponsibility. Next they will argue that you have a right to control your family size, but in doing so by abortion. They do not recognize that by having an abortion you are killing a living being

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