Common Controversy: Laws On Abortion

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Laws on Abortion One of the many common controversies is whether or not abortion should be illegal. There are many different responses that can come of this subject. Approximately half of all pregnancies are unwanted pregnancies. Many people say that if someone does not want the baby it is better to just get the abortion. Others, however, will argue that the woman is murdering a child. The question of whether or not abortion is an okay thing to do will always be around because there are so many different opinions. The different opinions have caused such a diverse controversy. Those that support women having abortions are considered proponents, or better known has pro-choice. The people support the rights of a woman being able to have…show more content…
These people believe it is immoral and they are denying the existence of a person, some considering it to be murder. The popular question for both, should there be laws against abortion. In the legal sense, they will do it whether the law says they can or can’t. It would be like under aged drinking, how many high school students abuse that law? If someone truly wanted an abortion they would find a way to have it. I support pro-life because I believe it is immoral and the woman is denying a human his or her rights. I believe that there should be laws that prohibit abortion. It is not the child’s fault that the woman is pregnant; therefore, why should the child be denied life? There are many cases in which people can argue that a woman became pregnant due to rape and whether or not abortion should be legal. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, she does not need to keep the child, but carry through with the pregnancy and put the child up for adoption. There are families that are unable to have children. Those that are able to have children, but not have ways and means to love and nurture the child should make it available for the child to have a home with parents that want a child. Although the options are not endless, there are many things that can be done. A law that prohibits abortion can help these families that want children. It would bring more people into this world, more people that can become substantial

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