Pros and Cons of Abortion

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Reasons for: Abortion may be a controversial topic, but one shouldn’t doubt that there are good reasons to have that option available. For example, victims of rape crimes who become pregnant after a traumatic experience should have the right to not want the child of her abuser. For someone who has just gone through a very emotionally, psychologically, and physically traumatic experience, the thought of being responsible for carrying, giving birth to, and raising a child that resulted from the rape can be too much to handle. Another reason for abortion is that it can prevent future problems, for example, if a woman becomes pregnant at a young age she might not be able to finish school and achieve her future goals. She might end up resenting the child and blaming the baby for everything. If someone isn’t ready to have kids, whether they’re too young or not financially stable, abortion should be available to them as an option until they’re prepared for kids or can offer they’re child a better future. Reasons against: Abortion has many benefits to it, but like many controversial topics abortion has its detractors. Many of its detractors say that through abortion you’re taking the life of an innocent child. Another reason against abortion is the long term effect it will cause a woman. Abortion can come with psychological side effects. For example, women who’ve had an abortion have later struggled with regret, shame, and depression over the decision they made. Another side effect of abortion are physical. For example, some women after having an abortion have been left infertile. Abortions can also have an effect future pregnancies increasing the risk of miscarriages, premature births, and complications during birthing. Cervical complications and abnormal placenta development are also possible long term side effects of abortion. My arguments: Based on both point of
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