Persuasive Essay On Pro Choice

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Melissa Capristo Mr. Baumgartner English 10 Honors 2 December 2012 Pro-Choice How would you feel if someone controlled what you did to your own body? I feel that by not making abortion legal you are controlling someone’s rights to their own body. Many women that want to have an abortion have emotional and personal reasons behind it. Some women choose to have their babies even though they didn’t want to but I believe that those kids have a high chance of growing up feeling unloved by their mother. I believe that every single person that is born into this world should have the rights to their own body. They should be able to make the decision on whether or not they feel comfortable carrying a fetus. By making abortion illegal we are telling women that they cannot decide whether they want to carry something in their own body. It reminds me of people who have seizures. The seizures control their body and they have no control over it. Abortion takes the place of the seizures because if you’re not able to decide whether you want an abortion or not it’s taking away from your rights.…show more content…
For example rape. Rape alone is invading someone’s body and taking control. It is a horrific experience for anyone to go through. Imagine being raped and weeks later finding out that you are pregnant. That you are going to have the child of the man who sexually abused you and took advantage of you. It would be crazy right? Some women feel strong enough or have strong morals and decide to keep the baby. But what would the other women do? The ones that don’t feel like they would be able to look at the result of their rape. By making abortion illegal these women wouldn’t have a choice. They would be reminded of their rape their whole life. I don’t believe that it is fair to have someone go through all that
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