Wrong And Rdquo's Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion Growing up, parents set rules for their children to establish guidelines for them to grow. They set these rules to make sure their children become good people who follow rules and do what they are supposed to do. The world we live in has rules for us to follow as well, all in the hopes of keeping everyone’s lives peaceful and running smoothly. In the United States, we have the Constitution by which we have to follow. We elect a president to help establish laws and keep our nation safe. For the people that break these rules they get a punishment that suits’ the crime they committed. In some cases people believe its ok to go against what they believe is the right thing to do. People should not face punishment…show more content…
One should never take the life of another, its murder. However, can one put their self in the shoes of someone who has actually had to face abortion? Someone who has had to deal with the pain and despair that comes with the choice. Instead of judging the choice she made, why not think “why?” Should the reader look down upon a woman for her choice to have an abortion with out looking at her reasoning behind why it is she chose that path? It is something one should think about before passing judgment, which people are so quick to do. She may have a life threatening condition, in which she cannot have a child, or she may be a victim of rape, there could be a case of drugs and alcohol or even a mishap with the condom or birth…show more content…
In some cases that may be true but in others it can be because of some kind of misfortune that she had leading her to get an abortion. Having an abortion does not make a person a killer or make them evil. Making that decision should not make it so that they go straight to hell for choosing that path. I believe that if anything happened and I was not able to care for my child properly, if I became pregnant, I can have an abortion and still be good in God’s eyes and in the eyes of the people around me. Some rules are just meant to be

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