Is Adoption Better Than Abortion?

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Is Adoption Better Than Abortion: There are many similarities that link both abortion and adoption however there are also very many differences which separate them, either reasons which concern the mentality of the mother after the two processes and the physical differences made to their life. The first, most obvious similarity; is that they are giving up their baby, another being that you are not forced into unplanned parenthood. This however, also links into not being forced into hastily made relationships or even marriages with the father of the child. This being a fantastic reason which favours the two options as does the prevention of teenage girls losing their youth to being forced into a position that may hinder the whole of their later life. One of the main differences between adoption and abortion is that abortion ends a life in order to end a pregnancy whereas adoption requires the giving up of the young or new born baby. Adoption also gives the mother the memory of giving birth even if she isn’t and never may be, in the position to give birth again. This can prove a life changing and eye opening experience to young women which could really change their maturity on the topic or later life or even just the prospect of birth. There are countless other differences that separate the mother when addressing adoption and abortion, the contact with the child, the finality of the decision, all of which are things which could lend themselves equally dependant on the mother’s current position in life and the mother’s mentality on having children. There are, however, benefits to the child in this topic. Disability is a controversial subject which not many people like to discuss because of the rawness that it can make people feel. However when it is put into an abortion/adoption situation, it is viewed as a lot better to abort than adopt as the severity of the
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