Surrogates Have Birthed More Babies For Other Than Themselves: Article Analysis

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In the 2008 ABC News article “Serial Surrogates Have Birthed More Babies for Others Than Themselves.” By Juju Chang, Marc Dorian, and Sara Holmeing Tells us about surrogate mothers who aren’t in this business for that money, more for the joy of giving birth and handing over the baby is, accordingly to Anita Brush, a surrogate mother "an incredible gift" to give a baby to other couples around the world that are unable to successful get pregnant on their own. One option that is becoming more and more popular in today's society is surrogate mothers. The advantage of surrogacy is that the child is usually related to one of the intended parents and can be the product of both genetic parents. Yet the reason that many Americans don't look for this as an option first is because of the large percentage of…show more content…
The genetic mother looks to be the better of the two mothers until there is a problem with the born child and they turn their back on the baby because it wasn’t delivered to their standards. Another downside, which is obviously similar to abortion, is the idea of woman who isn’t so upper class, using surrogacy to earn money. It is a wonderful advantage to be able to help a family have a miracle such as a child, which they can’t have on their own. But, how many is too many? Even a pro-choice individual’s views quickly change toward abortion and exactly how legally available it should be when the same woman gets pregnant and aborts her child more than once. These types of advances all seem to be a good idea but they all have complications and loopholes which those of our modern society will take advantage of. If only the world could be perfect, then women would not have to rely on others to help them accomplish something that should come naturally. If only all surrogate mothers were respectful, and follow through with an agreement, then there could be accommodating alternatives for those less

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