Is Abortion Ethical?

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Is Abortion Ethical? Abortion used to be done in secret until women started fighting for the right of abortion. With the number of demonstrations increased along the years, the legalization of abortion started and it spread mostly in Europe. As the legalization of abortion was growing and broadening in the world. The movement of anti-abortion was created and was also expanding. Creating two sides: pro-life which are against abortion, stating that abortion is murder. They believe that the fetus is a person, and has rights like all humans, and shouldn’t be killed. And the other side is pro-choice, entailing that those against abortion are against choice. They don’t see the fetus as an individual, they think that it’s mother’s decision to stay pregnant or not. Abortion is a topic of conflict where people look at it from many different points of views, some look at it by taking into consideration religion, some look at it from the scientific side and some people look at it as matter of choice. Wendy McElroy’s article “Abortion”, published in 2002, is defending abortion, mainly stating that the fetus isn’t an individual thus the termination of the life of a non individual isn’t wrong. She’s defending her argument with the fact that the fetus has no right and that the mother should have control over her body and do whatever she wants as long as she isn’t harming anyone. She also claims that the antiabortionists are fighting against the rights of women and the ability of free choice. McElroy’s argument for abortion wasn’t convincing and most of the claims presented needed more support. I believe that abortion should be illegal unless in some special cases such as rape and situations where the mother’s health can be affect by the pregnancy. The main issue of abortion is the fetus’ life. It all comes down to when it become a human. McElroy believes that the fetus
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