Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Doreen Karamaga EN 101 Mathew Ratz The beliefs concerning life present an implicit conundrum; when does life begin and when does it end? From here emotions are fired up, and ultimately we must face the power dynamics concerning the ability to consciously choose to end a life. We are living in a society that has the means and technology to extract and terminate a fetus from the womb. People can, to put it crassly ‘get knocked up’ and simply have an abortion. This characteristic of non-commitment that is symbolic of so many aspects of modern day life has led certain individuals to reject a fetus under the credence that it in itself is not a person, and therefore is not entitled to the rights any other individual can receive. On the other side victims of rape, incest, and molestation rightfully assert that to carry the fetus to term would prove impossible. Certain women due to medical conditions or threats to health state that delivering the baby would be equivalent to forfeiting their own lives. There are yet other factions who practice sex selective abortions and abort children based on their gender; this is commonly practices in countries such as India & China and where in the value of a male child that of a female child exceeds. This is not only a repulsive form of discrimination but it skews the gender ratios that present enormous problems for future generations. From a historical perspective, the purpose of abortion has been undoubtedly to act as a life saver for both child and mother. In the two decades before abortion was legal in America, it has been
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