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No matter what day and age, abortion has always been a delicate issue. Depending on your religious circumstances and opinion, you could believe abortion is a diabolical idea created by humans, or you could believe abortion is a right to every human being that should be and is protected. Laws have been created that defend both sides of the argument, but still contain many unsolved questions. Currently, there are both the Parental Notification laws and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban enforced within the United States. A very select few were able to make these laws and bans legal, but evidently both the Parental Notification laws and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban are unconstitutional, proven by a plethora of ways, including the Cur Process Clause…show more content…
Because of the Parental Notification law, 22 states require one or both parents to consent to having an abortion, 11 states require one or both parents be notified and 2 states require both consent and…show more content…
In some cases, parental involvement may lead to added pressure from parents to get abortions. (Rockler-Gladen, 2007)The fact that there is a Parental Notification law is outrageous and entirely unconstitutional. Along with the Parental Notification law, the Partial Abortion ban is unconstitutional in multiple ways as well. The ban has been found to be an unconstitutional violation of established case law pertaining to specific abortion procedures due to its vague language and lack of a health exception to protect the woman’s well-being. If a women needs an abortion in the late trimesters of her birth, this ban would prevent her from being able to do so. There are various factors contributing to why women need access to late-term abortions. Medical complications may cause a woman to seek an abortion after the first trimester, including discovery of fetal abnormalities. The partial birth abortion was once seen as a medically necessary procedure, but it is it is actually the mother’s choice as to whether or not she undergoes an abortion. The right to choose an abortion stems from a more fundamental liberty of bodily privacy. The Supreme Court has repeatedly

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