Late Abortion Research Paper

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ABORTION KILLS POOR LITTLE HELPLESS BEINGS A abortion is when a women wants to terminate her pregnancy. There could be many reasons why they may not want the baby. She could not have enough money, or she could be young and may not want to be a teen mother. There are about 44 million abortions performed in the United States. The ages of the women are from 16 to 40 years old. A lot of these women don't tell anyone that their getting an abortion because they don't want to feel ashamed for something like this. They think that their families won't supoort them in a situtation like this. So must women and young girls get an abortion on their own. There are many ways to getting an abortion done. A women can go to a free clinic or to her own doctor, whatever she prefers more comforable for her. A women can terminate her pregnancy whenever she wants, but a doctor prefers it to be done in the early stages of her pregnancy. She can be 6 to 16 weeks pregnant which is done by vacuum aspiration or sharp curettage. Then there are Mifepristone and Methotrexate done from 5 to 9 weeks pregnant. Late abortion is done by Digoxin Induction, Saline abortion, Hysterotomy, and DX. In some cases there has been babies surviving from abortions. There are many people that believe in abortions and…show more content…
I think it's sick how someone can kill their own baby. If they didn't want one in the first place then they shouldn't be having unprotected sex with everyone. Then if the baby lives then what. How are they going to explain that they weren't supooses to live, or are they just going to kill it anyways by neglecting the baby. If a women gets pregnant and doesn't want it then I think she should consider giving it up for adoption. Consider giving it to a women that can't have children, someone that will appericate a little human being. Instead of killing off that little innocent baby for the stupid mistakes that they made, but I'm no one to

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