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| Abortion | Kristina Robertson | | Women’s Studies | Baker College | Abortion There are many issues that exist in today’s world. Some of them are minor and disappear after a couple years because they have been either resolved or forgotten and then there are those that never seem to go away. Abortion to me is one of those issues that never seem to go away and I do not see it going away or being solved anytime soon. Abortion is a topic that no one can ever agree on. Some believe that abortion is ok while others think that it is a mortal sin and should never be done let alone be legal. An “abortion is defined as the ending of the process of gestation after the egg has attached itself to the uterine wall, and before the foetus…show more content…
No matter what state the fetus is in, it is still a human being and abortion is murder. According to Mark Sprengel “This is a unique human life and the right to life is clearly more fundamental and important than any of the rights or arguments that have just been examined” (Sprengel, 1999). Having an abortion is saying that the life that is growing inside of a woman is unimportant and does not deserve a chance to have a life. In an article entitled, “The Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” Mary Anne Warren attempts to move beyond the stalemate in the debate over who is a “human.” The typical argument against abortion, she claims, begins with the universal truism of moral consideration that it is “wrong to kill innocent human beings.” The pro-life advocate then develops a simple syllogism based on this first major premise. The second premise being, “Fetuses are innocent human…show more content…
I believe that when you are raped and you feel that you cannot carry that child to term due to the resentment of that child you should have an abortion. Also, if there the mother and the child’s life is at risk and that the unborn child has no chance of surviving and living a normal life than I believe abortion at that point is the only option. Other than those extreme cases I do not believe that abortion should be performed. I believe that if someone is responsible enough to have sex than they should be responsible enough to accept the consequences of what can

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