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Pro-life Introduction Attention-getter: Moral or immoral? Just or unjust? It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Some mothers feel overwhelmed, some are scared, and some don’t know what to do. Thesis: Abortions are wrong in all aspects and should be illegal in the United States. Restatement and Division: There are three primary reasons why abortions should be illegal: it is murder, they are a living being from conception, and it raises health issues for women. Body Abortion is murder in all ways. A pregnant woman is hit and killed in a vehicle accident by a man. The man is charged with two accounts of manslaughter. He is looked viewed as irresponsible and a horrible person for…show more content…
Some people may argue that if a baby is conceived by either rape or incest, or the mother will have major health problems that it makes all abortions ok. The truth is that these account for a very small percentage of all abortions. 1% of abortions are because of rape or incest and 4% is because of health problems to the…show more content…
DNA is the main building blocks of our body. It makes up everything about us from the way we look to the way we act. The first strand of DNA is synthesized 1 hour after conception. Although the baby is smaller than a grain of sugar, everything is present for all that this person will ever become. How can we say it is a fetus when everything that makes us original from every other life on earth is implanted within 1 hour? Most abortions occur after or at 9 weeks after conception. A baby has a steady heartbeat 4 weeks after conception. At 9 weeks, this baby has every internal organ it needs to survive. Some people will fight for animal rights, arguing that they should be treated fairly and not killed. These same people are pro-abortion and think that ending the life of a baby is okay. Isn’t that life too? An abortion raises many health issues in the mother. Women who have had an abortion have significantly higher rates of breast cancer. Since abortion became legal in 1973, breast cancer rates in women have risen 50%. It also has effects on future

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