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Caitlin DeWitt Kilcup Com 130 28 July 2012 Pro-Life In our society today, the debate over the human body is still controversial. How the government should protect us has swayed in the past and will probably continue to do so. The two opposing sides of the argument are pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice implies that persons have full autonomy towards their bodies, and that they may treat them as they choose. The Prolife view will fight for the government to preserve and protect every human life. With each view there is strong debate over the law and which one is right, and which is wrong. The debate is the hottest covering the topic of abortions, and dealings with women’s bodies. The Pro-life view stands in solidarity with the unborn child,…show more content…
But on the contrary, a life has been formed at conception and the consequences of sexual activity are well known. Once this human has been formed abortion is a direct violation of their human rights. Abortion is murderous and unnecessary. Since the formation of a human begins almost instantaneously, there is no way to have an abortion without killing a life form. It directly opposes human rights. Abortion should not be used as a matter of contraceptive either. It can have harmful effects on the mother later in life and can leave damage to the body. It can cause a woman to have other complications during pregnancies later in life. In addition to that there are studies that prove that breast cancer is heightened in women who had an abortion earlier in life. The harmful effects it can have on the body contradict the autonomy that one may have with their body. Abortions are discontinuous with human anatomy and hurts the bodies women were blessed with. Abortion should not become the standard in eliminating unwanted pregnancies. Women who chose to have control over their bodies should then exercise proper contraceptive practices or also partake in abstinence. The idealogical stance being that if you are not able or willing to support a child, then refraining from having sexual intercourse is absolutely necessary. Abstinence is the only way to completely prevent the need for abortion. Again, the abortion process is damaging psychologically and physically. Instead

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